Sometimes our determination can truly reveal a lot about ourselves, what we're truly made of when facing the odds of an insurmountable amount of change and adversity. It's funny because on each odd year (during the Spring) which is typically legislative session time here in Texas, this is the one particular issue that is often produced under very restrictive time restraints, but however busy we may be being session, my crew always pulls it off in the end. I couldn't be happier in our continued resilience to always produce quality material as it has been such a great enjoyment in seeing all this come together.

So with that, welcome to the 2015 Spring Edition of The Austin420 (#24)! As we close out now 6 years in publishing, I am genuinely honored, grateful, and appreciative to all who have supported The Austin420 throughout these last 6 years, we couldn't do this without you guys! One of my favorite parts of this publication is that it's a quarterly release which makes the pace of it pretty easy to handle, it also allows me time to rest and time to interact with the medical cannabis patient community throughout Texas on a more broad basis through avenues such as the Patience Alliance for Cannabis Therapeutics.

 We have a couple of new contributors this quarter that I would like to welcome into the pages of The Austin420, beginning with Cara Kokel who represents a local business called KANNAWAY that produces CBD enriched health & beauty products. Our second contributor is an ordained minister whom I had the pleasure to speak alongside on a medical panel last June in Fort Worth named Nakina Talbert; what Nakina brings to the table is a whole new perspective from the Christian point-of-view which I believe to be quite necessary especially in a Conservative Republican state such as Texas. Check out her piece entitled 'The Devil's Weed'!

 As we come closer to the end of this 2015 84th legislative session, we as the medical cannabis patient community have indeed learned many lessons, certain lessons of WHAT NOT TO DO and certain lessons about WHAT TO DO as we begin our march toward the 2017 85th legislative session. For the first-time in my own history of medical cannabis advocacy, I will be speaking in Fort Worth on Saturday May 2nd for the DFW NORML Marijuana March as a participant in the 2015 Global Marijuana March, only to be followed by a speaking appearance here in Austin on Saturday May 9th at the Texas State Capitol for the 2015 Texas NORML March & Rally. I will indeed be emphasizing heavily on the 2017 legislative session, so come on out and show your support! I hope you'll enjoy this latest offering of The Austin420 as much as we've enjoyed putting it together! Peace & Love!~