The Austin420 is Austin’s newest quarterly publication solely committed to the Medical Cannabis movement and overall pot etiquette, and how it affects the movement altogether. The Austn420 strives to capture real-life testimonials of real-life medical conditions that can benefit from the medicinal use of cannabis, as well as Cannabis Politics, a healthy point of view in Munchies 101, to Green State Features, along with an array of artistic and musical flavor capturing the counter-cultural essence of Austin, Texas! Our goal is to provide insight from across the country from those who are defining the standard of how Medical Cannabis can be regulated. Diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy at age 11, Vincent has defied the odds in not letting illness stand in the way of his ambitions in bringing forth a new way of thinking, a new sense of awareness, and a new stance on having pride in defending the thousands who suffer with illness each and every-day of their lives.

Born October 25, 1972 in Austin, Texas, Vincent M. Lopez began his journey with life. Influenced by a wide array of artistic styles of Walt Disney and The Loony Tunes, Vincent, at an early age, was amazed by the beauty, detail, and humor showcased within these theatrical shorts and films, crediting that he was given a gift of fantasy and wonder and the freedom to lose himself within it all. “It’s amazing to know that with the power of our own imaginations, we can go anywhere we want to go; it’s an escape like no other.”

From his middle school years to early high school, influences evolved even greater. From that of animation, science-fiction, horror, to Special FX, memories include watching Godzilla movies, the Batman series with Adam West, to the magnificent creatures of George Lucas, and Universal Studios. Magazines such as Famous Monsters of Filmland to comic books of Conan, Dracula, Spiderman, and Batman, also became of great inspiration and influence. Traditional artists included Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Donatello, Rembrandt, Vincent Van Gogh and Albrecht Durer, taught to him through his art instructor, Von Kwalleck, who had noticed a keen interest in Vincent. “Mr. Kwalleck introduced me to the greater world of traditional fine art and the importance of paying homage to the artists who came before. He encouraged my passion to stick with the art, and for that I am thankful.”

Vincent attended Round Rock High School (1987 – 1991) receiving numerous certificates of achievement in the Visual Arts, but it was at this time, that Vincent would lose his ability to walk and become wheelchair bound. Determined to not let this lack of mobility get in the way of his ambition, Vincent received his diploma in 91, amid being awarded his letterman jacket and being acknowledged as Team Artist for his artistic contributions to the football program.

From the fall of 91 to the spring of 96, Vincent attended Austin Community College receiving instruction in EDG I & II, Descriptive Geometry, Technical Illustration, Electronic Graphic Design, Advanced CAD, eventually earning a Certificate in Engineering Design Graphics. In the midst of these college years, Vincent also involved himself into the underground music scene of Austin, Texas, in the form of Austin Bands United which published 7 monthly newsletters encouraging local artists to support one another. Though ending in April of 95, the dissolving of Austin Bands United ignited and inspired something even greater that would surface less than two months later.

In June 95, with a handful of writers, Vincent coordinated the publication and formation of Grimmoires Magazine and Mad Mind Productions. From June 95 to April 98, Grimmoires Magazine released 35 monthly issues in all, distributing 900 to 1,000 copies throughout head-shops and music stores of central and south Texas. Other notable mentions include coordinating charity benefits for the Muscular Dystrophy Association and the Center for Battered Women, as well as co-sponsoring the annual Bob Marley Festival in 98 and 99 benefitting the Austin Area Food Bank; Vincent handled billboard and poster development. Along with the publication, Mad Mind Productions coordinated and promoted 52 shows (between 1995-1999) showcasing between 80 to 100 acts from Austin, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Houston, Dallas, and El Paso.

After a brief hiatus, Vincent returned to school between the fall of 2000 to 2003, taking Art History II and furthering his studies in Human Anatomy and Drawing the Face at Laguna Gloria Art School. In 2003, while taking courses in Multimedia, Digital Painting & Imaging, and Basic Animation, a new idea for a new publication had emerged. Produced by previous partners of Grimmoires Magazine, Austin to Amsterdam was a new and fresh opportunity this time around as Vincent handled duties of Vice-President and Art Director, overseeing visual quality and print specifications of publication. Austin to Amsterdam released 12 issues in all in 2004, providing a monthly circulation of 450 – 500 copies internationally distributed throughout locations in Austin, Amsterdam (Holland), and Vancouver (British Columbia)!

In 2005, Vincent became a member of the Austin Film Society contributing graphic work for a write-up introducing the film The Insatiable as well as conducting an interview (published in the spring 2005 issue of P.O.V. the Journal of the Austin Film Society) with Keefe Boerner, Special FX Producer of the Robert Rodriguez film Sin City! Throughout 2006 and 2008 while contributing poster art for Texas recording artist Patricia Vonne, Vincent was accepted to the Art Institute of Austin. Though short lived, studies included Art History I, Fundamentals of Design I & II, and Graphic Symbolism.

In 2009, Vincent returned to his love of publishing & promotion in the form of a new quarterly publication called The Austin420 and Scorpion Killer Productions, but this time, the mission behind this endeavor would be much more personal. While losing his ability to walk some 21 years ago, the illness of Muscular Dystrophy has progressed quite a bit resulting in muscle weakness and an increased loss of physical mobility, but it’s in these trials of adversity, where Vincent has not only discovered himself, but has also discovered the identity of his mission and overall vision for The Austin420.

In June of 2011, Vincent joined the board of Texas NORML (National Organization for the Reformation of Marijuana Laws) as Liaison for Patient Outreach, which not only provided a secondary beacon to spread his message of truth and compassion, but also provided a means to establish a strong presence in the Medical Cannabis community. In taking on a new role in “public speaking”, Vincent has evolved into the position of Director of Patient Outreach.

As confirmed activists of the Medical Cannabis movement, Vincent and Co. are entering Year # 5 of The Austin420, embarking on their 18th issue, The Austin420 stays strong in its mission to make a difference. ~



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