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The Austin420 recently caught up with bassist Greg Enkler and guitarist/vocalist Eric Anthony of Austin favorite Powderburn; needless to say that this was one of the most fun, of many interviews for me to conduct in a long while. Drawing from a wide-range of influences, Powderburn has developed a sound all their own, a sound that’s original, gritty, melodic and 100% in your face! While in search of a record deal, Powderburn has also been able to share the stage with the likes of heavy-weights Slayer, Korn, Slipknot, Disturbed, Machine Head, Three Days Grace, and Staind, and have also been a part of SXSW for the previous 5 years. So have a seat and have a listen. Powderburn is one band to watch as they are definitely on their way!

AUSTIN420: How would you describe the Powderburn sound?

ERIC: In your face!

GREG: It’s really, really, good hard rock; it touches on different elements of metal, thrash metal, speed metal, whatever, but really when it boils down to it, it’s melodic, it’s got big hooks, and it rocks!

AUSTIN420: How has the response been to your 2009 One Fix release and have you received any label attention?

ERIC: A little bit, ‘hey, you want to come and talk to us?’ And we go to talk to them, they disappear.

GREG: Yeah. I don’t know if really anybody is getting label attention right now. The industry is kind of trying to find its own footing. We’re kind of waiting for it to figure it out, and then we’ll figure it out from there.

AUSTIN420: What do you guys particularly like to express through your lyrics and music?

GREG: With the music, it’s whatever we think is going to be either fun to play, fun for people to listen to, fun to play on stage, you know whatever we are going to enjoy playing at that point. Lyrically, we’re usually telling stories about either people we know or people who know people who we know, it’s always about somebody in particular, but it may not be somebody like obvious.

AUSTIN420: Where do you draw your inspiration from for lyrics?

GREG: Anywhere and everywhere; I could hear something on the radio, I could hear something in the background of a TV show.

ERIC: Life experiences.

GREG: Eric can just be listening to the engine of his jeep going.

AUSTIN420: While Powderburn is self-managed and self-produced, how has going the way of sponsorships helped you guys out?

GREG: That’s been like the one major stepping stone that we’ve really had. Between Jagermeister, Coffin Case, an often case of Budweiser, we’ve gotten to do a lot of cool things like the Jagermeister music tours.

ERIC: A lot of cases of beer a month.

GREG: We’ll get special events here and there opening up for a lot of major acts which has all been through the sponsors.

ERIC: And a lot cases of beer a month. (Laughs)

AUSTIN420: I think I know where I need to go. Sponsorships! (Laughs) In having such a wide range of influences, how has Powderburn been able to appeal to such a wide and diverse audience?

GREG: Because we all have such different tastes in music, it generally gets reflected in the songs, so, in like some songs, the one’s that Eric writes are way more geared for the speed-metal, thrash-metal type of people, the ones that my singer writes, they tend to lean a little more almost industrial and experimental, and the ones I write are very straight ahead like rock, almost radio rock. And when you start blending them, you get some of the different sounds and styles that we play with every now and then.

ERIC: We played Six Flags in Dallas and you know, a bunch of kids were all screaming like we were the Jonas bros. or something, little girls little boys you know, and their parents going crazy. And the very next weekend we play a strip-club and get the same reaction from other people, and I’m like “What are we doing wrong or what are we not doing right”, because we hadn’t got any attention or management and all that, but we’re playing to this huge variety of audiences.

AUSTIN420: That’s got to be something to see. You guys have shared the stage with many great acts, which of those experiences really stand out the most?

GREG: That’s a tough one because I remember all of them. When we played in Lubbock with Staind, that was a big indoor/outdoor amphitheater, and it was PACKED! And because we went on as the sun was going down, we could see every single person. It was the same thing when we played Mayhem Fest, one of Eric’s first shows with us in ’08, there were thousands of people there, like 10,000. And this is at 3 in the afternoon; it was hot as shit, you burned your feet standing on the speakers, but it was worth it because there were so many people there. I can tell you about every single show and why they were awesome!

AUSTIN420: In talking about the Powderburn live-experience, what do you guys hope for fans or first-timers to take from your performances altogether?

GREG: We want them to have fun, that’s the main thing! We want everybody to leave our show, basically as happy as they can possibly be. We get people who come up to us all the time saying “I don’t like this kind of music but you guys are great”, “I don’t like this kind of music but I like you guys”, “I don’t like this kind of music but you guys are so much fun to watch”. So that’s all we care about is that they enjoy it! We’re not trying to necessarily have any type of agenda; we just want people to have fun!

AUSTIN420: What makes Austin home for you guys?

GREG: That was kind of dumb-luck. Like I said, we had moved down over from the Northeast and we kind of just, we came down here on basically ‘a dare’. You know, we took a shot in the dark to see what the Austin music scene was like and we fell into it. And we got lucky and landed Powderburn, you know. So it’s treated us well. Really tired of the heat, but it’s treating us well. Eric you know (from Houston), he made the whole two and a half hour drive here, and our drummer was born and raised here, so he’s the only actual Austinite in the band.

AUSTIN420: What do you have coming up for you guys?

ERIC: The guy that produced Pantera, he did 3 songs with us, so hopefully that’ll be coming out.

GREG: We have some shows lined-up and we’re probably going to end up back in the studio sooner than later. Stay tuned, check out our Facebook, our Twitter all that stuff; keep in touch with us. We always have something interesting coming out of left-field or random, and if you don’t have some kind of contact with us, then you won’t know what’s happening. Just keep tabs on us.

AUSTIN420: Any final comments?

ERIC: Thanks for having us over! ~