Street Light Suzie


The Austin420 recently caught up with the guys of STREET LIGHT SUZIE! It is only right that we feature this rock quartet as their support for The Austin420 has always been there since day one, gracing the cover of issue #1 to be exact. Fifteen issues later, while we have evolved, so has this band, originally forming as a trio in 2008. The critically acclaimed Red Album was recorded in L.A. after catching the ears of ex-Guns ‘N Roses guitarist Gilby Clark! Street Light Suzie brings home an honest, hard, gritty, down-to-earth rock sound, and have a unique way of getting reaction with their high-energy performances! They just rock!

AUSTIN420: It’s been a few years since we interviewed you guys, what happened with the first line-up?

WILEY: We went on tour, a long tour like two months. I think it just started to get too much. Chuy quit, and then Ben quit and that’s kind of how it was. That’s about it. (Laughs)

AUSTIN420: Tell me about your most recent release.

WILEY: The red album. We went out to L.A. and worked with Gilby Clark and it was a blast; I personally found out that I was not as prepared as I thought I was. It was hard man; it was definitely a clinic for me.

AUSTIN420: How was it working with Gilby Clark?

WILEY: It was awesome; he was really cool, he was all business, his energy never dropped. He was totally cool, but I don’t think that, I personally, didn’t feel to his caliber of musicianship. He asked me, ‘have you ever had singing lessons?’ and I go ‘No’, and he goes, ‘you can tell’. (Laughs) I was like ‘Oh…okay.’ It was cool though because he played on the record, “Dobro” and “Cowboy” and sang on it and stuff like that.

NIKKOLI: Oso almost broke his foot!

WILEY: Yeah…oh that’s right! I felt so bad about it. (Laughs)

OSO: There was a spider downstairs and they needed somebody to get it out of there and when I was going to toss it, I jumped back and then Gilby and Wylie both jumped back; while Wylie landed good, Gilby stubbed his toe.

WILEY: We looked back and he’s talking to his wife and he was like, ‘I think it’s broken’ and Scott’s like ‘oh god!’ (Laughs) The next day he showed us his foot dude and it was all fucked-up.

OSO: I felt like shit! It from FUNNY to FUCK!

WILEY: I was so glad that wasn’t me. (Laughs)

AUSTIN420: What are you guys up to now, as far as currently?

WILEY: SXSW is coming up, all that stuff! Getting a full-time drummer; we have a couple of guys that we are talking to and stuff. We’ll see.

AUSTIN420: As far as the songwriting, how have life changes inspired it?

WILEY: Oh with Street Light we haven’t. Originally the other songs, those were really more written during when we were living together at the apartment, you know.

OSO: The haunted apartment.

WILEY: Yeah it really was! Just weird shit went down in there and well, just those songs, you know, and then we sent those songs out to Gilby to see which ones he, you know, was looking to record, and it just kind of went from there.

NIKKOLI: Some of the new stuff though that we’re working on is pretty heavy.

WILEY: Yeah, definitely a lot heavier.

NIKKOLI: And Wiley has some solo-stuff going on, Oso has some solo-stuff going on too, and I play in Hyde-Park Showdown as well, so it’s cool to be able to put this kind of music into one place. I think that’s why we’re all still totally into it because there’s a place for this and we really enjoy doing the live shows, which still have crazy entertainment!

WILEY: We all started to just move back to just heavy, you know, just crazier stuff. We tried some stuff on this album, like harmony stuff and all sorts of shit, and just growing as a band.

OSO: The songs were just kind of written without aiming for a certain type of thing you know. And then once Gilby was brought in to sing, he was the one that was like ‘let’s shape them like this’. Those songs could have gone either way; they could have made a hip-hop record out of them, they could have gone rock with it you know. So Gilby added his little taste production-wise, but these were going back to the old style of just making Rock!

WILEY: Exactly! Not taking things so seriously.

AUSTIN420: What makes Austin home for Street Light Suzie?

WILEY: Street Light was created here!

NIKKOLI: People are absolutely insane in this town; the only place in Texas where you can be absolutely insane and everybody’s like ‘alright’. (Laughs) With bands in Austin, you’re seeing the best of everything; if it’s a music type, it’s in Austin; the best guys are here doing it.

WILEY: Especially like those “old-kats” that have been doing it for like 40 years dude! That is just ridiculous; they’re pretty good at it because they’ve been doing it for a very long-time. Aw man, it’s insane. All those who just shaped their tone over that long, you know, so it’s just this perfect, almost-like listening to a CD; it’s too good!

NIKKOLI: It’s the best of everything, you know.

AUSTIN420: What your take on the legalization of cannabis in Colorado and Washington?

WILEY: I think that’s pretty obvious.

OSO: We’re actually moving there next week. (Laughs)

NIKKOLI: We’re looking at homes right now.

OSO: Street Light Suzie is going to be the band formerly from Austin!

WILEY: That’s funny. ~