Patricia Vonne


One cannot deny being spellbound by the talent and soulful beauty of Patricia Vonne! She has a ‘rock n’ roll’ spirit with a heart of gold, capturing a cross-over sound so unique to Texas, from outlaw country to flamenco fire and so much more, you wouldn’t think her to be from anywhere else but Texas. This native of San Antonio, who bears home in Austin, has a solid band consisting of Robert La Roche on lead guitar, Scott Garber on bass, and Dony Wynn on drums, as she’s established herself as one of the premiere Latin performers of Austin, Texas, stating herself, “I'd be a very lonely cowgirl without my band!”

Now approaching her fourth release on Bandolera Records, entitled Worth It, Patricia Vonne, be it throughout central-south Texas or the festivals across Europe, continues to mesmerize and awe fans from all over, delivering a boot-stompin’, Texas hell-ride of her own; so contagious it makes you just want to see her, again and again! Simply put, Patricia Vonne rocks and has fun when she’s up on that stage, as it shows on any given night! We recently caught up with Patricia, prior to her going back overseas, as she spoke of life on the road, and the inspiration behind some of her new material!

AUSTIN420: What is your overall inspiration behind your new release, Worth It?

PATRICIA: "Worth it" is the title track of my new album. The song is important to me because of the message. Sometimes we stand in our own way. This song is hopeful that we can reject bad influences in our lives and temptations from the dark side in order to maintain self worth.

AUSTIN420: You’ve been known to collaborate musically with quite an array of musicians, who did you collaborate with on this record?

PATRICIA: Joe Ely and Rosie Flores lend their vocals to a song I co-wrote with Rosie called "Cut from the Same Cloth".  Rick Del Castillo laid down some romantic guitar on two of my Spanish songs, "El Marinero y La Sirena", and "Fuente Vaqueros". Joe Reyes and Kirk Brewster contributed on electric guitars, Darin Murphy on Harmonica, Carl Thiel on piano and of course, the core members of my band.

AUSTIN420: Tell me about the songs & some of the inspirations behind them?

PATRICIA: “Truth Awakening”, “Cut From the Same Cloth”, and “Castle Walls” are blood drenched love songs. "El Marinero y La Sirena" is based on The Little Mermaid and I wrote it while on tour in Denmark. "Fuente Vaqueros" is the name of the hometown of the Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca and I collaborated on both of these spanish songs with fellow San Antonian and troubadour Michael Martin.  "Cowskulls and Ghostowns" was a collaboration with Robert LaRoche and  Shawn Sahm of the Tex Mex experience who sure came through with colorful imagery of the Old West. " La Lomita de Santa Cruz” was inspired by my father’s hometown of Rio Grande City, Texas and the holy cross on the hill where my family holds a pilgrimage every year for our ancestors.

AUSTIN420: With touring, are there any particular spots that you haven’t performed at, that you would like to hit up this time around?

PATRICIA: I like to go where ever the fans take me. We've toured Europe 17 times now and I always look forward to the next tour whether it's Germany, Spain, Japan, Lithuania or Poland.  They are each very unique and have their own history and the audiences are so diverse and special.

AUSTIN420: What’s life “on the road” like for Patricia Vonne?

PATRICIA: I have a solid band that makes the long drives fun with a lot of humor and scenic inspiration for new songs.  Our busiest tour was in the UK doing 21 shows in 16 days. That included 3 in-store performances in one day to promote the gig that night! The promoters feed us a hearty meal before the shows and normally accommodations are included by the venue or promoter. That's the Euro treatment.  We have made a lot of friends at the venues with the fans and the owners so each time we return it's like a reunion and throwing your own party! It's really a blessing.

AUSTIN420: What advice would you give to any young women, aspiring to be recording artists of their own?

PATRICIA: Learn about the business.  All You Need to Know About the Music Business by Donald Passman is a good educational book on the business and it's written by an entertainment lawyer with a lot of humor and insight.  Hone your craft and just go for it. I started my career in New York City in the bars and clubs and really loved the anonymity there and the freedom it gave me to try new things. Be aggressive yet assertive. Don't harass. There's a difference. And of course follow your heart and have faith in yourself and in God because he will make things happen.

AUSTIN420: Any final comments?

PATRICIA: We love you Vincent! Thank you for keeping the music alive! ~