AUSTIN420: How did the band come together?

LOONY: Well, me and Hefe have known each other since Driver’s Ed and him and these two other cats had a band going and they needed a singer and so they asked me.

JEFE: Yeah, we were just buddies jamming out. We’ve had like 30 million member changes. We’ve partied in Austin since the late 70s, early 80s.

LOONY: In the late 70s, we were like 5 in the late 70s dude. We were sneaking into bars in ’87 dude. Anyway, whatever? I guess maybe your next question? (laughs)

AUSTIN420: Who were your influences in creating your sound?

LOONY: Dude, my songs are pure unadulterated, unfiltered stupidity. Dude (laughing) I try to piss people off! I don’t know. Our influences seriously, we all grew up listening to punk rock, we all grew up listening to metal and we all grew up listening to outlaw country. All of us! We all grew up on S.O.D., good Metallica, Slayer, Iron Maiden, Lynrd Skynrd to Black Sabbath. I grew up actually listening to a lot of hip-hop, and gangster rap. They used to call me “Vanilla Gorilla” and “Honky Kong”. Seriously! (laughs) My influences are stupidity, people, hanging out with my best friend, oh yeah, and like monster-truck pulls.

AUSTIN420: What inspires the song-writing?

LOONY: Everyday life, literally. We have a new song called “Drive-Thru” and it’s about when they screw up your order at the Drive-thru. A lot of the stuff we write is based in reality. Like “Mom’s Asshole Boyfriend”, that’s basically reality. The thing is it’s everybody’s reality man! Every kid out there thinks their mom’s boyfriend is an asshole.

AUSTIN420: What would you like your audiences to take from your shows?

LOONY: Hopefully, lots of t-shirts man! That would be ideal. Dude, our message is “Party now; go for it. Have a good fucking time dude, you only go around once.” That’s what it is man. I’m sure you interview bands that say “we’re hoping for this” or “we’re aiming for this label”. Dude, we’re a bunch of 40 year old, fucking balding, grey, fat fucks (well at least me). We know we’re not going to be rock-stars, we know that we don’t look pretty in those skinny jeans and symmetrical haircuts. There’s no way in hell I could do that. We totally do it for fun or don’t do it at all. But, don’t get me wrong, we do like to get paid. (laughs) It’s fun to break even. It’s fun when I get to go onstage and make an ass out of myself. Fucking great dude, fucking great! There’s nothing like getting in front of a bunch of people with a microphone. They can yell anything at you, but no one can hear them, but I can belt anything into that microphone and the entire room hears it, you know.

AUSTIN420: What’s your take on life in general?

LOONY: ‘Life is like a shit sandwich, the more bread you have the less shit you gotta eat’, and that’s my take on life for real. I don’t know about Hefe and the others, but I got that off of a bathroom wall at the Mr. Gattis on 183, the one that used to be next to the Dunkin’ Donuts. I read it on the bathroom wall when I was like five years old. That’s perfect!

AUSTIN420: It’s has to mean something to you, but what makes Austin, Austin?

LOONY: Man, we’re from here. This is home. I went to Burnet Junior High. Dude, me and Hefe went Pflugerville and we’re both kicked out of Pflugerville in our sophomore year. Seriously, it’s like that old fucking joke… How many Austinites does it take to screw in a light-bulb, just one! I remember when we were kids, when Halloween on 6th Street was a blast! God that was fun! It was anarchy! Shit man, we would get bad ass shows! I saw Slayer at The Ritz man, Anthrax, Celtic Frost, and Voivod at Liberty Lunch. Dude, it was nuts back in the day. WOW, it really was different. What happened is that all those “Dot comers” ruined Austin. It used to be so cheap to live here.

AUSTIN420: Any final comments?

LOONY: If you ever get pulled over, say “I want my lawyer”. I’m serious man. That will keep you out of so much trouble… Man, Vince, it was a good time. Thanks for the interview. ~