Sunglasses And Mushrooms


One can't deny the highly energetic power of a band like SUNGLASSES AND MUSHROOMS! This Latin trio consisting of Erik Zamora on lead vocals and guitar, Aggie Gonzales on drums, and Joe Morales on bass, is a unique fusion of raw pounding metal, stripped down punk, and smoothing and grooving reggae. We recently caught up with the guys as we talked of near life-changing events and the upcoming disc! These guys are easy to get along with, that all that’s required is nothing but a genuine good sense of humor; which always makes for a good time!


AUSTIN420: How did Sunglasses and Mushrooms come together? Who thought up the name?


AGGIE: Actually, I met Joe in the valley and I met Erik at Red Lobster. We used to be called The Beautiful Beans, but we had like a little break and we came back as Sunglasses and Mushrooms! We needed a band name. I was tripping on mushrooms and I had sunglasses on. I thought it was fucking cool, so I called them and no one disagreed man! We got voted “Worst Band Name” in 2007, by the Austin Chronicle.


AUSTIN420: In putting the band together, who were some of your biggest inspirations?


ERIK: I wish I had an alphabetical list! Reverend Horten Heat, Dick Dale…

JOE: Vicente Fernandez, Metallica…

ERIK: All the reggae gods…Peter Tosh, Marley, anything metal dude…, Sepultura, Megadeth. I think we should have been a metal band, but I think hanging out at the green-belt and smoking the herb, led us to reggae.


AUSTIN420: As far as the song-writing goes, where does the inspiration come from?


ERIK: I think if we had an “all female” audience, I think we’d be pretty content with that dude! We love playing for the ladies, and that’s probably one of our main inspirations, scientifically speaking though… (laughs) We like to live, we love to fucking laugh. Good times dude! Let’s party! We love to have our beers, smoke pot, socialize, and hang with good people!


AUSTIN420: Over the 5 years of being together, is there any particular event or experience that stands out above the others?


JOE: Maybe the first time we got a hotel room, stayed in overnight, and you look up, and then you see Erik nude. (laughs) That was pretty life-changing!


ERIK:  We almost got swept away into the ocean, one time, after a gig. We were sleeping in the van along the shore. We drove to the beach at night and the tide came up man! Sure enough dude, if I hadn’t opened my eyes, we would have been taken in by the ocean. We kind of dozed off and opened our eyes and there was the water right there. Yeah, that was pretty crazy! It could have been life changing, but…


AUSTIN420: When can we expect a new release from Sunglasses and Mushrooms? What will it consist of?


ERIK: Hopefully, it will be listed in history as the greatest party album ever!

JOE: It’s going to have a lot of sex, a lot of reggae.

AGGIE: The album will consist of a lot of sex…a 10 song EP.

ERIK: It’s going to be made up of a lot of party music buddy! The songs that we’ve had for the past five years, we’ve finally put down. We’re kind of lazy man. We love to rock, but it took us five years just to come up with our first album, man! (laughs)

JOE: Maybe five years from now, we’ll have the second album out! ‘How long have they been together? 20 years! How many albums do they have? Two’. (laughs)


AUSTIN420: As far as the scene goes, what bands are you guys digging these days?


ERIK: Street Light Suzie, Bass Line Bums, all that Headhunters scene, fucking M.O.D., Blacktooth for sure, the list goes on dude!

AGGIE: Definitely One Eyed Doll, the Oklahomos!


AUSTIN420: What makes Austin great?


JOE: It’s the people for sure and all the shit around it, the “green belt”, the lakes! There is definitely a cool variety of people. Everybody is just cool as shit, everyone just likes to chill.

ERIK: The young people are cool, but the older people are even cooler, they’re the shit! They are the real Austin. This is a great town; the greatest town in Texas for sure!

AGGIE: Very musician friendly…I mean, you could throw a rock and hit a guitar player, before you hit anything else! (laughs) ~