One Eyed Doll


We recently caught up with One Eyed Doll fresh off their recent Spring tour as we talked of life on the road, the inspirations behind the music and so much more. If you have not seen or heard of One Eyed Doll, then you’re missing out on a gem!

AUSTIN420: How did you come about the name One Eyed Doll?

KIMBERLY: It’s a reference to my grandfather who got me into music. He had one eye. “Bernie”, he was an actor, a musician, comedian, all around performer and I really take a lot of influence from him in my own performances, kind of following in his footsteps. He’s the One Eyed Doll! It’s not about me. The other reference is what people call a lot of different names depending on where you’re coming from, the Holy Spirit, intuition, the third eye, basic consciousness in staying in the present, not dwelling in the past. Those are the main two things.

AUSTIN420: You recorded Break at the same place where Monster was recorded, what made this experience different for you?

KIMBERLY: Well, this was way different, because the way that we recorded Break, was kind of the opposite of how I recorded in the past. I basically had all these songs and worked them out in the studio as we recorded. We really worked as a team on this album. Like Monster and Hole, those were songs I hadn’t performed, so we basically wrote them in the studio rather than in the practice space or on stage; totally opposite. It was just a different kind of recording. A lot of the songs were based on my folk songs, acoustic songs, the heaviest ones. Obviously, Jason on the drums, that was different.

AUSTIN420: Tell me of your inspirations behind some of the tracks?

KIMBERLY: “Cinderblock” is based on a true story, not about me, but about someone I knew, who had been abused in foster homes. Finally, one day, after being beaten, the foster father fell asleep on an easy-chair, drunk, and this kid dropped a cinderblock on his head, took off and never looked back. “Sucker Fish” is actually about a fish. “Beautiful Freak” is about my fans, it’s a direct love-song to my fans, a bunch of freaks! That’s what makes them so beautiful! I realized that about myself, they saw it in me, and so now, I see it in them. “Resurrection”, is very personal. That was probably my lightest, acoustic song and we turned it like into this metal ballad, (laughs) which I really think brings the point across. I like the production on that one. That’s about missing someone, after they died, so much that you pray for them to haunt you, at least in your dreams.

AUSTIN420: What’s life on the road like for One Eyed Doll?

JASON: With this last tour, we had ourselves booked every night. When you’re on the road, all of a sudden, all of the cities start to look the same. It’s like ‘Oh yeah, there is a Wal-mart, a McDonalds, a Shell in every city’. All of a sudden you don’t remember what state you’re in. (laughs)

KIMBERLY: I was definitely guilty of that a few times. “Hellllooooo Mississippiiii!!!” We’re standing in the middle of Florida. It’s like what? You seriously forget where you are sometimes. I’ve actually found myself on stage, having to pause, to actually think about where we were. I’ve went through entire shows without actually knowing where we were. It’s so hazy and blurry, and this is without drugs. (laughs) I love being on the road. Meeting fans is the best part. When you go to a different state, and meet fans you’ve never met before, that is just so rewarding. It makes me not want to stop the tour.  

AUSTIN420: What is your favorite part in connecting with the fans?

KIMBERLY: Hmm, that’s a tough one because my favorite part is connecting with the fans. (laughs) Sometimes, the internet is like the current “social platform” in this world, it’s strange but it is. Sometimes I see people’s photos, over and over again, and then when I see that person in the same place for the first time, it blows my mind. (laughs) It’s like they’re the Rock-star! (laughs)

JASON: Music is communication and when you put an album out, you’re just putting it out. When you play a show, you’re communicating, getting it back.

AUSTIN420: With the retirement of PJ, what are your plans?

KIMBERLY: We have a friend, John, just filling in for us you know. There is absolutely no obligation or pressure. He learned all of the songs in like no time and is playing the shows with us. There are a million different directions this could go. It’s going to keep going, there’s no question there.

AUSTIN420: Is there a possibility of a new Kimberly Freeman disc?

KIMBERLY: Oh yeah, there will be plenty of those coming. They’ve already begun (laughs) different styles, different sounds; several albums.

JASON: When we work together in the studio, we don’t necessarily plan out an album. When the song comes we record it. Sometimes there’s not a place for it, so they just kind of sit around. When enough of them form a vision, we’re like ‘we got some songs together’, you know. Let’s finish that up and make it a package! It’s quite liberating, you don’t have to fit into a genre, we can just be as creative and free as we want.

KIMBERLY: That’s kind of how the Kimberly Freeman thing goes. One Eyed Doll is usually like, alright, we’re making an album. Here we go! But with this stuff, we had to just kind of muse off of each other. There’s a lot of ways to go about it, that’s just what we’re doing. Jason is an ideal producer and band-mate, because I like lots of different kinds of music and sounds. I’m to hit a lot of different genres. He’s not trying to stop me that’s for sure, he’s encouraging it.   

AUSTIN420: In closing, in regards to One Eyed Doll participating in The Austin420 1st Year Anniversary Bash. Is there anything you’d like to say to our readers and your fans?

KIMBERLY: Come to the show! (laughs) Bring all your friends and support The Austin420! Hang out with us!

JASON: Legalize it! ~