Permaculture And Cannabis

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As a person (and a student of history) who has seen how our modern farming of mono-culture has turned Eden’s into deserts. We have polluted our farm lands, killed them, and have rendered them barren for profit. Worse part is the farmer is not the one receiving the profit. Bankers get most, with the Seed and Chemical companies getting the next big slice and last but not least, Lobbyists and Politicians get the next slice and then your churches and so on and so forth.

Point being the producer receives less than the others involved with getting the produce/product to the consumer; too pointy a model. I like flat models, producer to consumer no middle to inflate costs. What I like to call “Ones and Zeros”, only society creates grey areas. This is a basic bad business model, no grand conspiracy for a new world order, other than greed. Making something from nothing and doing nothing.

PermaCulture, what I like to refer to as Permanent Culturists & Sustainable Horticulturists with good pattern literacy, teaches this. It’s the core of the sustainable culture, land, people and surplus, The PermaCulture circle. Not Right Wing Survivalists or Left Wing nut tree huggers. But people who understand that man can no longer harm the earth the way he has for over 30,000 years for profit. There is no profit in a dead earth!

The Capitalists model has everybody with their hand in the till. The PermaCulture model is, you get what you sow and if you want to reap food, you sow this year, if you want food for ever, you plant trees. My take on things and I call it MagoZeroScape™. You put in nothing, you get nothing. But if you want paperwork, that’ll cost ya’ cash!  I hate paperwork, that’s why we invented computers, to do paperwork, Trust me I’m a witchdoctor.

It is so simple for me to see, that I am dumbfounded that others have to have pictures drawn for them. Generations of farmers have fallen into the mass consumer market and bought into it, mono-culture farming, huge acreage producing one kind of crop year after year and that is all they understand. I have always been tough, this is called tunnel vision and doing it over and over again, each year after 30,000+ and expecting different results, well, as one great mind once said, “That is insane.”

Basic permaculture design teaches a 5 zone design around your home, the Doctors of perma-culture, teach food forests and a 7 zone design. No matter which you learn, the basic model is flat, you go out your back door and harvest your food, year round. Any surplus you generate after feeding yourself goes back into the land, the earth, whether it is a marketable crop for cash or a crop to enrich your soil (a carbon harvest of so called weeds, also known as “Chop and drop tending of forests/zones”).

The witch Doctors of sustainable horticulture teach permaculture as a philosophy. Because of this, as it has been down through history, men who preach these words are called all sorts of things, labeled by those they oppose. Those who say it can’t be done that way. Me, I have more faith than that in man. I can see how man is awakening to the problems in the societies he has created. There are just so many, they all look alike after a while, and conspiracy is born.

No one evil group but many out to make a profit. They have taught us to rely on them and now they see what they have created and blame us in order to divert the blame and continue exploiting the earth for their profit. Permaculture teaches that we are hunter/gatherers and we spend less energy if we don’t have to go to the grocery store, a thing created by man to make profit, if we grow our own food. To me, once again being a farmer/fisherman, it’s a no brainer y’all. But ay, I was born and raised on the farm from Texas to South Carolina and back.

 A farm-boy moved to the big city of Austin and exposed to marijuana, at a young age. Growing and catching my own food has never been a project, it’s always been a chore. City folks, as it seems to me, don’t seem to know what chores are, everything is a project to them. Maybe it’s just my Flat model way of thinking, who knows, could be deep space pulsars and gamma radiation pulses (Carl Sagan theory). And we all know what a pothead Sagan was, total nut job. (smrk)

The legalization of cannabis in America, would give every person the ability to grow their own fuel, food, fiber and medicine. There is no profit in the system for us to be self-sufficient and non-dependent on our government, no taxes in it or kick-backs.

What kind of world would it be if we could all work out the back door and gather or create what we needed or wanted? I’d like to find out someday and I plan to always fight for that basic of human rights, to be self-sufficient and independent human beings. Toby Hemenway talks about how the American Indian was the last free man in America; in my opinion, it was the invasion of profit seekers who exploited the Americas. Be they brown, white, yellow or red, they exploited Americas for profit and continue to do so today. Till We Meet Again. ~