An ever-growing group of strong, motivated women is captivating the cannabis community with a new organization called The International Women’s Cannabis Coalition. The IWCC was founded December 5 of this year on the premise of uniting dedicated women to end cannabis prohibition worldwide. They aim to do so by promoting education and creating conversation about the positive aspects of the cannabis plant.

“Locally, nationally and internationally, The International Women's Cannabis Coalition is a vocal advocate for the legalization of cannabis. We aim to be recognized in every corner of the globe and to help create a better and safer future for our children.” Mission Statement, IWCC website 

As we all know, the war on cannabis is a war on families. The IWCC as women, wives and mothers, sisters and daughters, the cornerstones of the family unit, are tired of watching families torn apart, loved ones die, and children taken from their families over a natural, beneficial, and often lifesaving plant. These are women whose first concern is family and they know that the repeal of cannabis prohibition would return the decisions about cannabis back to individuals, which is where they belong.

The IWCC kicked off right away with their “Under the Rainbow” project, which is a wonderful way for the group to support many different causes that need immediate attention by the cannabis community. You can even submit your own cause for assistance through their website at In addition to the “Under the Rainbow” project, The IWCC is also forming more permanently focused Outreach Teams to assist with CPS defense and Veterans issues, and already has event dates scheduled and posted through the end of the year.

Although this is a brand new organization, their fan base is exploding on social media networks, with numbers in the thousands in just the early weeks. The IWCC kicked off their public debut with 56 chapters spanning the globe in 5 different countries, with many more in the works, and plans to incorporate both in the United States and Canada. It’s no surprise that people are so taken with this group already; The IWCC founders’ backgrounds are as diverse as they are varied and as an incredibly inclusive group, they strive to build their strength from this diversity, welcoming anyone and everyone who wants to find a place in the activist community.

“While we are an organization founded by women, for women and run by women, we know we would not be here without the loving support of our men behind us! Everyone, man and woman is welcome at The IWCC.” –IWCC Facebook page

The ladies responsible for bringing all of this together, Candace Junkin, Diane-Marie Jensen, and Cheri Shaw, are the most down to earth, passionate, and welcoming ladies you will ever meet, each one bringing something special to the table at The IWCC.

“I have seen with my own eyes how cannabis prohibition is harming our families far worse than cannabis itself. I know that women were instrumental in ending alcohol prohibition in the 1930's and I believe women have a pivotal voice in the movement to end cannabis prohibition today.” Candace Junkin, co-founder  

“The war on cannabis goes much deeper than the average person thinks. There are people dying daily because they can't access this simple plant that can give them a chance at a better life. We can't just sit back and watch the vultures feed off our bloody corpses...we can't just sit back and watch our babies least I can't, so I fight.” Cheri Shaw, co-founder

“Activism comes with its ups and downs, but they are all worth their while, because somewhere, somehow, for someone other than yourself, you ARE making a difference. Believe in yourself...others do! I am proud to be a co-founder of the International Women's Cannabis Coalition and I am very proud of the women who stand behind it.” Diane-Marie Jensen, co-founder

Collectively, these ladies’ accomplishments and previous involvement in the cannabis activist community is astounding, with a list of fundraisers, publications, and rallies a mile long. And while they are all very experienced activists themselves, they continue to stress the practice of inclusion in the IWCC, making certain that everyone has the opportunity to get involved as much or as little as possible, and allowing for productive and effective activism by handling the structural details with utmost professionalism.

It is a pleasure to introduce this amazing group of women, so go visit them on Facebook at, on the web at, or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to get involved or get connected with a chapter of The International Women’s Cannabis Coalition in your area! ~