Its Just A Plant

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As the culture of marijuana continues to grow more and more mainstream, the more questions are being asked on how to educate our children about the effects, the dangers, and the benefits of marijuana. Though no one can encourage another of what choices to make concerning the education their children about marijuana, only a suggestion can be made to something that just may help. Nearly 80 million Americans admit they have tried an illegal drug, and while many of these former or current users are parents, the vast majority of these parents are concerned about what to say to their children about marijuana. They want to know how to open a discussion with their kids, and most of all, how to keep their children out of harm’s way.

It’s Just A Plant (a children’s story about marijuana) is a refreshing and open alternative as compared to outdated options and propaganda which has sadly dominated today’s programs and messages; It’s Just A Plant is a realistic tool that can enable parents to open early discussions about marijuana. With today’s methods of teaching one can be taught in a manner of one or two ways: One is the method of distorting the facts with tools of false exaggerations and propaganda, whereas the other method is simply by way of the honest truth and fact itself. It’s quite easy to understand some of the parental fears of opening a discussion with their children about marijuana, especially when considering how impressionable children can be (depending on the age) as well as considering the existence of such entities as the CPS (Child Protective Services) for example. If any impression of It’s Just A Plant can be made, it’s in the message it leaves for its readers, a message that marijuana has a long history and various uses and should only be consumed “responsibly” for adult use only and not to be used by children.

With beautifully colored illustrations by Ricardo Cortes himself, and an easy-read, It’s Just A Plant is a joy to read for any age. As a parent, the time to read with your child is precious and so this is a book that is quite worthy of that time together. The story itself is about a little girl named Jackie who on one particular evening (after her bed-time) smells something funny and catches her parents smoking a joint. Her mother suggests a bike ride for the following day and she would tell her all about it; they wake up early the next day and off they go on their bikes. Through the course of this journey, Jackie and her mother visit a farmer who explains the cultivation history of marijuana, a doctor who explains the medicinal value and the adult responsibility in the use of marijuana, and  a police officer who explains his job to enforce the laws, but if one believes a law to be a mistake that they can work to change that law.

I will not spoil the conclusion, but will say that It’s Just A Plant, is just that, a book about a plant. ~


“I highly recommend this little book for students in D.A.R.E. and other drug abuse prevention programs, and their teachers and parents. It’s a jewel.” -Ethan Nadelmann, Executive Director of the Drug Policy Alliance 


“It’s Just A Plant is a delightful book. It gives a glimpse of what enlightened drug education could be.” –Dr. Andrew Weil, author, physician, founder of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine


“This is an impressive book that provides true unbiased information about marijuana, which is important and understandable to young people. The book’s ultimate message is that marijuana is a drug to be used by adults – not children. I will make sure my grandchildren get a copy.” -Lieutenant Jack Cole, L.E.A.P. (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition)