Texas families are being forced to uproot their lives and leave most to all of their family and friends behind in order to legally obtain cannabis based medications for their chronically ill children and we need to start asking our state representatives and senators why? Ask them why they forced David, Hannah, Jilli and Shania's parents to move out of the Lone Star State to seek safer and potentially effective medicines for their babies? Ask them how many more families will be forced to make the same decision to leave their families and support networks behind and become Medical Refugees in Colorado and/or other legal states? Ask them why is removing part of a child's brain preferable in their minds than treatment with a God given herb? Ask them why they continue to ignore scientific evidence of the medicinal properties cannabis offers without so many of the potentially life-threatening side effects that FDA approved medications that are prescribed to children every single day?

Ask them if they will find the courage and compassion to let 5 year old David come home and be reunited with his family and friends in Texas? David was diagnosed with Leukemia and suffered a stroke post chemotherapy stroke. He was also diagnosed with epilepsy when he was 2 years old. David's Mom and Grandmother moved to Colorado with David in late 2013 to obtain Cannabis Oil to treat David's seizures after pharmaceuticals and an inplanted Vagus Nerve Stimulator made his seizures worse and 5 neurologists couldn't offer anything that helped. 28 days after beginning a high CBD/THCA oil, David's seizures went from 45+ to 3 and by day 35, he experienced days with ZERO seizures!! David's Daddy has not been able to move to Colorado with his wife and baby boy as his job and their family home are both still in Texas and his parents aren't ready to give up the home they worked so hard to own. David wants to ask Texas Legislators, "Why do I have to be so far away from my Daddy and the rest of my family and friends? Why can't I have my medicine while at home in Texas? Before it, I could barely walk, eat, and didn't speak. Life was extremely difficult for me, everyday full of challenges. Falling suddenly hurting myself . Now, I feel AWESOME!! I am playing, laughing, being myself. I don't fall, my balance is great. When can I come home?"

Hannah and her family just moved from Texas to Colorado on March 11th to have legal access to Cannabis medicines to treat 4 year old Hannah's Dravet Syndrome which has caused her to have  50-100 seizures per day. More and more frequently, Hannah's seizures now cause her to stop breathing. Hannah's parents made the decision to move out of the Lone Star State after trying 12 prescription medications that have not helped reduce Hannah's seizures. On March 13th, Hannah had her Red Card doctor's appointment. On March 18th, Hannah had a seizure that lasted about 50 minutes. She again quit breathing. The paramedics who answered the 911 call had to drill into her shin bone to place an IV called an IO while she was seizing in her new Colorado living room. She had to have a breathing tube put in and was transferred to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at the hospital till she was breathing on her own and able to go to her new home again. Her doctors in Texas had nothing left to offer to try to help Hannah and were not allowed by laws, mandated by lawyers not fellow physicians, to even speak about the medical benefits of cannabis. In Colorado, even as seizures rack havoc on their baby's body, the Loew's now have hope as their daughter will be starting on a high CBD oil within the next week. Ask your legislators what qualifies them to make medical decisions for children like David, Hannah, Jilli, and Shania. 

Jilli and Shania's parents are getting ready to move their families from Texas to Colorado. 8 year old Jillian Faith, aka, Jilli began having seizures shortly after she was born and by the time she was a month old, she was having 40-50 seizures per day from which, prescription anticonvulsants have never brought her any relief. It wasn't until she was 6 months old that doctors were able to give her parents a diagnosis of Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy.

As she has grown, the Cerebral Palsy has begun to take its toll on her little body. She suffers from spasticity in her muscles, which causes her great discomfort. She has to wear leg braces to keep her feet from turning in, and a wrist brace to hold her hand in the correct position. There are nights that she is in so much discomfort that she stays awake all night from her pain and all her Mommy can do is hold her. So like David, Jilli's Mom Becca will be moving to Colorado with Jilli and her siblings, Emma and Sam, to live there in their camper, while having to leave her husband behind here in Texas so she can do more than just try to comfort her daughter. Jilli is currently on the waiting list for high CBD-low THC oil named Charlotte's Web and should be able to begin taking it shortly after they get their camper parked in Colorado. 

Shania Williams is a beautiful 3 year old Texas girl who suffers from 6q27 Chromosomal Deletion which causes her to suffer from intractable epilepsy and hydrocephalus which in turn along with the medications she has to take have caused other neurological problems and developmental delays. Her parents have made the decision to move to Colorado to be able to treat Shania with Medical Cannabis. Luckily for the Williams, Shania's Daddy, Shannon, is able to transfer to CO with his employer so the immediate family will not be separated but they will have to leave grandparents and extended family behind.

Even though Shania has received some of the best medical care available in Texas, the doctors here have exhausted all treatments other than continuing to increase the dosages of the already dangerous and potential fatal medications she is taking or remove part of her brain which would leave her blind and would possibly only lessen, not cure her seizures. Shania's parents are hoping that with high CBD cannabis medications, they can avoid surgery and decrease the amount of potential life threatening synthetic prescription medications that Shania requires at this time. Be sure and ask your legislators for Shania why they are more comfortable with Texas doctors removing part of a child's brain than they are with allowing those same doctors to discuss and prescribe a plant based medication that is much less toxic than any prescription medication the FDA has approved for seizures.

I am sure there are more Texas families already in Colorado treating their children with Cannabis medicines and am absolutely positive that there are many, many more making plans to uproot their lives, becoming Medical Refugees and part of the Texas Exodus. It is time to start asking WHY until Texas Legislators dig deep and find the courage and compassion that the recent surveys and polls prove their constituents have when it comes to allowing Medical Cannabis here in the Lone Star State. ~