Imagine a child violently convulsing, looking up to you, their eyes pleading for you to help. Now imagine that being your child. What would you do? This is a reality that more and more families face every day. Pediatric epilepsy is the most common, and serious neurological problem children face, claiming about 326,000 children under 15 every year according to The American Epilepsy Society. And yet, most of the leading treatment facilities for pediatric epilepsy have the same treatment options listed, not one including cannabis oil. That is, unless you’ve heard of the Stanley brothers or The Realm of Caring and their amazing success stories of treating pediatric epilepsy patients.

Children like Charlotte Figi – Colorado’s first, and at the time being two and a half years old, Colorado’s youngest medical marijuana patient. After acquiring 2 separate doctor recommendations, Charlotte was authorized for her “red card” in Colorado, and shortly after found the Stanley brothers who now run an organization called The Realm of Caring that helps to provide support, education, resources, affordable access to their treatment program, and physician-backed medical studies. It took a bit of convincing on the Figi’s part to get the Stanley brothers to help treat little Charlotte but once they did, Charlotte went from around 300 seizures a week to one or none at all a week. The results were astounding. Not only did it nearly stop her seizures all together, but her parents also noted side effects like positive behavioral changes, increased appetite, and overall, seeming to improve her quality of life. Charlotte was able to stop taking all of her prescribed pharmaceuticals and still remains free of them two years later. Now an almost seizure-free Charlotte can horseback ride and ride her bike like every child should be able to.  The Ream of Caring renamed the strain after the success in treating Charlotte, originally called “The Hippie’s Disappointment” for its non-psychoactive effect, to what it is now known as: Charlotte’s Web. They continued on to treat forty other pediatric patients and with them came Zaki Jackson.


Zaki suffered from Doose Syndrome a form of pediatric epilepsy and was pretty much at the end of the road with treatments, after seventeen failed treatment options, the Ketogenic Diet change, and doubling his weight from steroids, nothing had helped, or would just make it worse. They kept searching for an effective treatment, and eventually heard of child they knew named Jayden who had had success with the cannabis oil. After about four months of research, Zaki’s mom brought it to his doctor’s attention and they discussed it for some time until following an EEG (Electroencephalography) brain scan showing Zaki was having up to 200 seizures an hour; the doctor’s confirmed his diagnosis and said they were out of options. It was then, recommended by a social worker, that Heather sought out the Stanley brothers and Charlotte’s Web, and thankfully she did, because since October 4th, 2013 little Zaki has been seizure free for over a year.

It’s life-altering stories like Charlotte’s and Zaki’s that have caused The Realm of Caring to go from treating forty pediatric patients to treating over three hundred pediatric patients with Charlotte’s Web, and over two hundred more families moving to Colorado from all over to be a part of the Stanley brothers treatment plan, plus more contacting them, and being put on waiting lists every day, even from overseas! The Stanley brothers will be infiltrating California soon as well, where they have over a thousand cases of pediatric epilepsy patients waiting to be treated! And while Charlotte’s Web was originally testing at around .5% THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and 17% CBD (Cannabidiol) it is now testing at less than .3% THC qualifying it to be classified as a hemp product, meaning that because there are little to no regulations regarding hemp production, it will allow the Stanley brothers to produce more, since there will be no plant count limitations, as there is with medical marijuana allotting only six plants per patient.


For some families giving their children cannabis oil would be considered neglect, but for most families seeing their child slowly wither away, and having a doctor tell them they’re out of options, when there is a treatment option that clearly works is neglectful. I don’t have children of my own nor do I have siblings, but I would much rather see the person I love have a safe and effective treatment option, rather than one that was actually harming their body in the long run. What most people don’t realize is that because the Stanley brothers are treating the kids with lab tested high CBD strains they are not only treating their epilepsy but also protecting their newly developing mind from further damage. This is because Cannabidiol has the highest anti-inflammatory and neuro-protectant properties found in nature, which react with receptors in the brain and help to protect against, and decrease seizure activity all together, while also repairing brain function that may have been previously damaged due to seizure activity. With so many more families willing to turn to anything to help their child, seemingly almost all are landing on cannabis as their treatment of choice and I don’t blame them! With the remarkable results being shown treating pediatric epilepsy it is becoming increasingly hard to ignore, even for those who still would like to, that cannabis is a safe, effective, and even better treatment option than most, if not all of the recommended treatments available. ~