We all have a certain view on life and how to live it accordingly; what may work for some, may not always work for others. We are each entitled to the choices we make, to our opinions and points of view, but in these entitlements, a fellow respect for human life and each other must be maintained. Opening our minds to new perspectives and new ideas may be just what we need in turning things around medically, economically, socially, and culturally. We all fear change, the unknown to something we have yet to fully understand, but if a change is ever going to be made, it must come from inside ourselves, to abandon those fears, anxieties, and the ignorance that often gets in the way. None of us have the ability to see through walls, therefore, together, we must break them down.

In the case of the legalization of marijuana, there are many areas of discussion one can explore, especially with the ever increasing downfall of our economy, the violence on our borders, and the great medical need for the tens of thousands of patients suffering with chronic illnesses (such as AIDS, Cancer, Emphysema, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, etc.), who can indeed benefit from its therapeutic use. All should fall secondary when it comes to hearing the voices of the ill, voices we want to hear from, but if talking about marijuana and its uses as a whole can shed more light, then by all means shed more light. Currently, sympathy has been expressed for regulating the use of marijuana, from credited sources at Newsweek, The Chicago Tribune and even CNN. Hemp as a resource, as defined by many cultures of the past and present, can provide many benefits, in creating necessary textiles and goods, such as rope, paper, clothing, soap, a source for food and oils for cooking and heating etc., which undoubtedly is costing more to produce by other methods.

With all these options to consider, marijuana in itself can bring forth many solutions. Not only would it aid the thousands of patients out there, but if it were produced, taxed, and purchased (upon a certain age), think of the billions of dollars that would fluctuate into our economy as a result. Let’s be honest, we are at a time where change has become a necessity; a time where new jobs must be created, new alternative energies must be discovered, and new alternative medicines must be researched. It’s only right that we, as a nation, should start relying on ourselves, and relinquish our dependence on outside sources. The current state of our borders has only emphasized this point with the violence that has only continued to escalate there.

Though not all may understand the lifestyle each of us have chosen to live for ourselves, I think we can all agree that all that really matters, is turning the state of our economy around, and finding the aids and cures to healing our sick. In doing so, not only can we live in a better community, we can also begin to live in a better world. Though we here at The Austin420 are not medical professionals by any means, we can only provide the means of open-discussion and awareness to aid those who are concerned altogether. It can be quite easy to become disenchanted with modern day philosophies/ methods, especially if they have proven to be not as beneficial, but more dangerous than we presumed or thought. So, can one blame another in looking to alternative answers? With all these issues to keep in mind, marijuana can be a resource of economic growth, but it’s the voices of the ill, we cannot ignore no more. ~