Jillian Faith

A Message From A Heartbroken Texas Mother....

I have been asked to share our story. I have probably tried ten times to put words to the journey we have been on, and I have been amazed at how difficult it has been to do. This past year has been intense, to say the least. I will do my best to share with you what we have faced, in hopes that I can help or educate others through our experience.

Jillian Faith was born 9 years ago on a sunny June morning. She was and is absolutely beautiful. Things seemed perfect, until a few days after her birth, she began having seizures. They started as small jerks and twitches, and within a few weeks she was having full blown grand mal seizures. The months and years that followed were full of doctors appointments, blood draws, various anticonvulsant medications, and the diagnoses of spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, developmental delays, and of course, seizures. As an infant she was having 40-50 seizures per day. None of the medications brought seizure control, and she was basically a zombie, for lack of a better word, from the side effects of the pharmaceuticals.

Watching your child suffer, is by far the most painful thing we have ever endured. I spent many hours researching, looking for something to help our sweet girl. A little over a year ago, a dear friend emailed me an article about a little girl in Colorado who's mother had researched and found that cannabis had been proven to help with seizures. The little girl responded immediately when her parents began giving her cannabis oil, and the number of seizures she suffered dropped dramatically. My curiosity was peaked after reading the article, and even more so after watching the CNN documentary that followed.

We began working on a plan to get to Colorado where we could legally access cannabis for Jillian. We sold everything we didn't need, had fundraisers, and worked hard to make the move. In the Spring, we decided that I would go ahead and go to Colorado with Jillian, her older sister, her younger brother, and her Granny who would be there to help with the kids. We spent 2 months this summer living in our camper while we waited for my husband's company to have a position open for him in Colorado. Being split up was extremely difficult for all of us. While we there, we were able to try a strain of cannabis for a few weeks, and we saw some wonderful changes beginning in Jillian. We were so excited at the potential we saw in cannabis for her, and we were very hopeful for even more improvements.

Unfortunately, a job position was not ever available for my husband, and after two months, our money began to run low, and the strain of being apart began to affect everyone deeply. We had to make the VERY hard decision to come back to Texas. Of course, we were not able to bring any of Jillian's cannabis oils back with us, and the progress we were seeing has now stopped.

We are so heartbroken that our home state of Texas refuses to see the many benefits of cannabis, and that our family had to face such a hard choice. No family should have to be separated just to help their child. I know many families who face it every single day. We are thankful to be back together, but every time Jillian suffers a seizure, my heart breaks a little more, knowing that the potentially life-saving medicine she needs is just a few hundred miles away, and that our geographical location is keeping us from being able to help her. Please, Texas...educate yourselves and help the children, and others in this state who would benefit from this god-given plant. ~




Roaring Away Cancer


By the age of six, Lauranne, a beautiful little girl nicknamed “Roar” had been diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) three times already in her short life, underwent two bone marrow transplants, countless rounds of chemotherapy, and spent months in the hospital. Once she had reached her lifetime max for chemo, her family started searching for a better treatment option, and in July of 2013 they found it. Roar successfully started treating her AML with Deep Green - Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO), and experienced the fastest most uneventful recovery yet, and is currently in remission. Treating her AML with a gram of cannabis oil every day, Roar is healthier than she’s ever been.

From the moment little Lauranne started seeing results from being on the FECO other parents took notice, when tests began coming back and Roar was getting better counts, she was getting healthier and healing faster than the other children… One Roar is all it took to start a movement. A Roar that was heard throughout the children’s cancer ward, started to spark the question, could cannabis oil save my child’s life? What started as an effort to save a friend’s child, blossomed into an opportunity to save many others. Answering as many questions as possible, and helping those who seriously wanted to pursue cannabis as a treatment, acquire the proper medical authorizations. The number of kids being treated grew, and with that so did the support; families began seeing positive results with their own children and were compelled to start speaking up.

Roar Away Cancer has now developed into a whole team of people from when it first started, with Deep Green being their own supplier of FECO donating over one hundred grams of oil every month, at no cost to the children’s families. There are many amazing people who make up the different components of this organization, but I decided to go straight to the source, to Eric and Jody Beery, the two people who deliver this life saving medicine to the kids, who talk to and teach parents about natural alternatives to help their children, who stay with them through their surgeries and extensive hospital stays, and if necessary even provide palliative care in cases where cure or remission isn’t an option. These two wonderful warriors started this journey when little Roar got sick, and have now made it their goal to spread the word and save as many kids as they can. Eric and Jody are also going to be featured characters in the third installment of Peter the Peacock’s Adventures respectfully named “The Roar Roadrunners” where they will run around and deliver cannabis oil to all the characters that need it.

Now regularly treating a dozen children, with seven currently in remission and “the other five ramping up and on their way” Roar is not just a healthy, energetic six year old cancer survivor; she is the inspiration behind an organization saving children’s lives. Each child is monitored through frequent communication with the families, when notified that a child is running low on oil, they will coordinate with their oil supplier, and acquire enough to last them approximately ten or more days, so far Roar Away Cancer has never had a child miss a dose once starting on Deep Green. Deep Green is the Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO) that is curing these kids, hands down.” Jody explains. And while it is the primary cannabis treatment for Roar Away Cancer’s kids, they also choose to use cannabis in other ways, such as salves, and lotions to treat irritation from needles, tubes, or other hospital procedures. To increase appetite some families choose to incorporate cannabis infused foods into their child’s treatment, while some choose to use tinctures instead. Eric and Jody will work with each child and their family to create a personal treatment plan that will benefit the child individually depending on his or her condition. They also provide dosing information for cannabis oil to the parents as well as in their FAQ on RoarAwayCancer.Weebly.com. When treating a new child they will pay close attention to each family and help them slowly build up to the proper dose that will work for their child and what they can tolerate, as it is such a high concentrated cannabis oil it can take a little time to develop a tolerance, especially with Roar Away Cancer’s youngest patient being thirteen months, and their oldest being fifteen. Don’t be fooled though, these kids need the cannabis oil even at their young age, with most being treated for different forms of cancer, like Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) a spider web like cancer of the brain, or Neuroblastoma, which is a cancer that occurs in immature nerve cells, and many sharing the same form of blood cancer Roar had, these are “some sick babies” as Jody put it, "without Cannabis".

This next year they will be working on updating their site to provide enough useful information for anyone searching for it, regardless of if they speak to them directly or not, they will also continue to focus on healing the current Roar Away Cancer crew, along with spreading the word about how cannabis heals. In the future they’d like to focus on being able to provide opportunities for families, and individuals to learn to grow and use their medicine and food in more beneficial ways. Roar Away Cancer is available to provide education and resources to families with questions about how to treat a loved one's illness using cannabis. Please visit http://roarawaycancer.weebly.com. You can find answers to most questions on the FAQ page, or inquire with additional questions through their email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . ~



Davids Story


Hello, I would like to introduce myself. I am a five year old little boy with experiences in life that most people will never experience in their lifetime. From being diagnosed with Leukemia, undergoing aggressive chemotherapy, suffering a stroke post chemotherapy to now being diagnosed with epilepsy since I was 2 years old. I get 45+ seizures daily, not including the ones I get while sleeping. This has been going on for 2 1/2 years. I could barely walk, eat, and don't speak. Life was extremely difficult for me. My days full of daily challenges. Falling suddenly hurting myself . Feeling I had an electrical storm in my head. My mommy would cry daily. Wondering if maybe one day I would not wake up from one of these seizures.

I tried everything from pharmaceuticals to a device called a VNS that was surgically implanted in my chest, which all only made my seizures worse. Five different Neurologist traveling hundreds of miles trying to get answers but nobody was able to help. And then my mom packed all our belongings to start our journey in search of what she calls "Jesus Miracle Plant". She had to get loans, borrow money, and do fund raisers in order to be able to travel to Colorado. It would be my Mommy, Grammy, and myself traveling over 1,000 miles! It was very difficult, my mommy cried the whole way over here. My daddy dropped us off, helped us unpack, and said his good-byes. He would return to Texas to continue to work and try his best from losing our home in Texas they worked so hard to have. I miss my Daddy, my little friends from school, my teachers, my family. But we would all have to sacrifice a lot to give me what I needed to save my life. And that it would become. Our prayers would be answered.

I began using CBD/THC-A oil. and within 28 days my seizures went from 45+ to 3!! Three days later down to one for the next few days. Then ZERO! Yes ZERO!! I feel AWESOME!! Playing, laughing, being myself. Wanting to do new things. I didn't feel tired. I felt great. I didn't fall all day, didn't hurt myself for once in years! I walk better, feel stronger, and ready to be just me. No headaches, nausea, no dizziness, my balance is amazing. I am so grateful for this "Jesus Miracle Plant".... The plant that made my life what it should've been several years back. It saved my life! A true Miracle. But I wish I was home, I miss my Daddy, my family and friends. We miss home so much.! Why do I have to be so far away from them? Why can't I have my medicine while at home in Texas.?

I will continue to tell my story, but more than anything show them proof of what this plant has done for me and could do for many others. I hope one day everyone will understand that God's creation should not be banned, instead embraced for what it does. It is a Miracle Plant, and I am Living Proof of It. ~


My Fight


In order to put this story in perspective I'll start from where it all started. My girlfriend at the time, Michelle, was pregnant. She suffered a placental abruption when she was five months along. The placenta detached from the inner wall of the uterus. It is a serious complication that deprives the baby of oxygen and proper nutrients. She was hospitalized for the remainder of her pregnancy, confined to bed-rest to keep both of them in a position where any damage would be minimized.

A month into her hospital stay she went into labor and our baby was removed via C-section. Our daughter Sylvia spent the first three months of her life in an incubator with numerous machines and tubes surrounding her. One of the main causes of placental abruptions is cocaine use during the pregnancy. So the doctors are required to run a drug screen to see if that was the cause. We told them she tried to move a TV while I was at work but it was the law so we let them go ahead with the testing.

Before her hospitalization she was having extreme nausea and cramping. Her doctor told her she could not “officially” recommend it but a lot of her patients used pot to take the edge off the nausea. We told the hospital about this, but we did not disclose the name of the OB out of respect for her wishes. As soon as the test came back positive for pot, CPS was called and an investigation began, even though the report from the hospital specifically said that marijuana had no part in the abruption or early birth. Since CPS believes they know more than doctors they told us pot use caused all of this.

We were only allowed to see our daughter in the NICU under the supervision of the nurses. When she was eventually released we had to submit to random drug tests and hair follicle analysis. Michelle was clean and living at The Ronald McDonald House near the hospital to be close to our daughter. After four months of clean tests I was still not allowed to see my daughter. So I made the decision to go back to what I believed was right. I made a statement to CPS that they try to hang over my head even to this day. I told them I have three other daughters and I have been smoking their entire lives and not once were they ever reported as being abused or neglected. For over 11 years I was never reported for being a bad or abusive father. So to be called one now is something I would not stand for.

They tried their hardest to find someone in my life that would tell them I ever put my children in danger at any time. They failed miserably. They praised how fast my daughter was growing and progressing. They told me if I was in her life she would not have made such progress. Unbeknownst to them I had been with Sylvia during the entire investigation. Her mom knew I was no threat and I was the one who taught her to walk. After a year or so they eventually gave up on me and I moved in with Sylvia and Michelle.

Things were great for a while, but Michelle ended up getting charged with food stamp fraud a year or so later. It was an honest mistake due to the system not being as efficient as it should have been. Regardless, she was put on probation the day she was convicted and given a drug test on the spot. She tested dirty for pot but nothing was done at that time. In the typical CPS fashion they show up two months later after her probation officer reported the results of her drug test at the court.

One day after getting off work I went to my room and hit the bubbler. My daughter was in her room down the hall watching a movie. I heard a knock on the door and there were two investigators from CPS at my house. They asked to talk to Michelle and I told them she was sleeping because she worked an overnight shift managing a restaurant. One of the investigators made a dramatic face saying the smell of pot was so strong he almost got dizzy. I knew he was exaggerating, I had only taken one rip and Michelle had just cleaned the apartment. I told him I would wake up Michelle and left the door open so they could see me and couldn’t accuse me of hiding evidence. When Michelle got to the door they informed her they had called law enforcement because they smelled pot and our daughter was in the house.

The police arrived and found nothing in the apt and it was well kept. There was food in the fridge, Sylvia’s room was clean, and didn't reek of pot. She was well fed and in no impairment from any drug. The only thing the police found was a half loaded bowl outside a shared backyard. We lived in a condominium that had a shared backyard with five other neighbors. The officer told me since it was found behind ours that either he would charge Michelle with it or take us both. I told him it was mine and was arrested for the half bowl of pot and given a ticket for the pipe. We were given an option to place our daughter with a family member or she would be forced to go to a state home. We placed her with my mother because Michelle's dad was also a pot smoker and he would not have passed a drug test.

We had a meeting with CPS scheduled a couple of weeks later. At the meeting we were told that since we already had a case concerning pot, this time they would seek to have our daughter removed permanently. Needless to say I gave them more than just a piece of my mind. I proceeded to tell them if they wanted to take my kid from me they would have to prove in court that I am a threat to my kids. They even went to the schools of my other daughters ages 12, 10 and 5 to question them. All of them said that I was a good dad and they never saw me use drugs. They also told CPS that they would rather live with me than their mother who doesn't use pot at all.

A month or so later Michelle and I were both served a summons to appear in court to answer charges of child neglect. The CPS investigator J.J Murillo was asked by Judge Karen Bonicaro what the concerns were. He replied that the house stunk of pot and that I admitted to smoking pot. The Judge then asked about the living conditions and the health of our daughter. The investigator replied that the house was clean and Sylvia did not seem to be impaired or under the influence. When asked if there were any concerns other than pot use, he replied, no. The Judge immediately dismissed the case for removal and told the investigator and the officer that arrested me that they should use their resources better than removing kids solely because of pot use. The look on their faces was priceless!

Michelle and I asked if we could go pick up our daughter today and the CPS investigator told us his hands were tied so he couldn't keep us from picking her up that day. We were so excited! Not only to have our daughter back but also for standing up to an agency that thinks they’re above the law! We fought for what we believed in and won!!! Since then they tried again to investigate us for pot use but we already had a decision in writing stating they would need factors other than pot use. Needless to say they didn't and we stuck to our guns. From what I understand ours is the only case to set such precedent in Texas and I hope that our fight helps others fight this broken system! ~




David Bass


My name is David Bass. I retired from the U.S. Army in 2006 after twenty-one years of service. I am a veteran of Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom. I am a sixty percent disabled veteran.

When I returned from serving one year in Iraq with the 1st Cavalry Division, I was diagnosed with PTSD. When I retired, the psychiatrist at the Veterans Administration hospital where I went for treatment prescribed psychotropic drugs. These drugs had terrible side effects. These drugs made me feel like a zombie. After one year, I asked my doctor how long I would have to take these drugs. I told him I hated the effects of the drug. He told me that I needed to take these drugs for at least two more years before we even talked about not using them anymore. I became very discouraged. One day, I was so discouraged that I flushed the drugs down the toilet.

I believe that marijuana is an effective alternative to psychotropic drugs. Marijuana alleviates the symptoms of PTSD and has no negative side effects. Marijuana helps patients sleep soundly, helps alleviate nightmares, reduces anxiety, reduces feelings of paranoia, and allows a person to escape depressing memories and obsessive thought patterns. Marijuana gives a person a sense of well-being and peace.

The Veterans Administration has ruled that no veteran who is legally using marijuana in a state where medical marijuana is legal can be denied treatment at Veterans Administration hospitals (VHA Directive 2011-004, January 31, 2011). If the Veterans Administration of the United States Government understands that medical marijuana has value for our veterans who are suffering from PTSD, chronic pain, and other medical problems, how can any legislator or state governor deny veterans access to this safe, alternative medication? It is time for Texas to legalize medical marijuana. Do it for the sake of the thousands of brave veterans in our state. You say you support veterans? Then do the right thing for veterans and give us access to a safe, alternative medication. ~