Hello, I would like to introduce myself. I am a five year old little boy with experiences in life that most people will never experience in their lifetime. From being diagnosed with Leukemia, undergoing aggressive chemotherapy, suffering a stroke post chemotherapy to now being diagnosed with epilepsy since I was 2 years old. I get 45+ seizures daily, not including the ones I get while sleeping. This has been going on for 2 1/2 years. I could barely walk, eat, and don't speak. Life was extremely difficult for me. My days full of daily challenges. Falling suddenly hurting myself . Feeling I had an electrical storm in my head. My mommy would cry daily. Wondering if maybe one day I would not wake up from one of these seizures.

I tried everything from pharmaceuticals to a device called a VNS that was surgically implanted in my chest, which all only made my seizures worse. Five different Neurologist traveling hundreds of miles trying to get answers but nobody was able to help. And then my mom packed all our belongings to start our journey in search of what she calls "Jesus Miracle Plant". She had to get loans, borrow money, and do fund raisers in order to be able to travel to Colorado. It would be my Mommy, Grammy, and myself traveling over 1,000 miles! It was very difficult, my mommy cried the whole way over here. My daddy dropped us off, helped us unpack, and said his good-byes. He would return to Texas to continue to work and try his best from losing our home in Texas they worked so hard to have. I miss my Daddy, my little friends from school, my teachers, my family. But we would all have to sacrifice a lot to give me what I needed to save my life. And that it would become. Our prayers would be answered.

I began using CBD/THC-A oil. and within 28 days my seizures went from 45+ to 3!! Three days later down to one for the next few days. Then ZERO! Yes ZERO!! I feel AWESOME!! Playing, laughing, being myself. Wanting to do new things. I didn't feel tired. I felt great. I didn't fall all day, didn't hurt myself for once in years! I walk better, feel stronger, and ready to be just me. No headaches, nausea, no dizziness, my balance is amazing. I am so grateful for this "Jesus Miracle Plant".... The plant that made my life what it should've been several years back. It saved my life! A true Miracle. But I wish I was home, I miss my Daddy, my family and friends. We miss home so much.! Why do I have to be so far away from them? Why can't I have my medicine while at home in Texas.?

I will continue to tell my story, but more than anything show them proof of what this plant has done for me and could do for many others. I hope one day everyone will understand that God's creation should not be banned, instead embraced for what it does. It is a Miracle Plant, and I am Living Proof of It. ~