By the age of six, Lauranne, a beautiful little girl nicknamed “Roar” had been diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) three times already in her short life, underwent two bone marrow transplants, countless rounds of chemotherapy, and spent months in the hospital. Once she had reached her lifetime max for chemo, her family started searching for a better treatment option, and in July of 2013 they found it. Roar successfully started treating her AML with Deep Green - Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO), and experienced the fastest most uneventful recovery yet, and is currently in remission. Treating her AML with a gram of cannabis oil every day, Roar is healthier than she’s ever been.

From the moment little Lauranne started seeing results from being on the FECO other parents took notice, when tests began coming back and Roar was getting better counts, she was getting healthier and healing faster than the other children… One Roar is all it took to start a movement. A Roar that was heard throughout the children’s cancer ward, started to spark the question, could cannabis oil save my child’s life? What started as an effort to save a friend’s child, blossomed into an opportunity to save many others. Answering as many questions as possible, and helping those who seriously wanted to pursue cannabis as a treatment, acquire the proper medical authorizations. The number of kids being treated grew, and with that so did the support; families began seeing positive results with their own children and were compelled to start speaking up.

Roar Away Cancer has now developed into a whole team of people from when it first started, with Deep Green being their own supplier of FECO donating over one hundred grams of oil every month, at no cost to the children’s families. There are many amazing people who make up the different components of this organization, but I decided to go straight to the source, to Eric and Jody Beery, the two people who deliver this life saving medicine to the kids, who talk to and teach parents about natural alternatives to help their children, who stay with them through their surgeries and extensive hospital stays, and if necessary even provide palliative care in cases where cure or remission isn’t an option. These two wonderful warriors started this journey when little Roar got sick, and have now made it their goal to spread the word and save as many kids as they can. Eric and Jody are also going to be featured characters in the third installment of Peter the Peacock’s Adventures respectfully named “The Roar Roadrunners” where they will run around and deliver cannabis oil to all the characters that need it.

Now regularly treating a dozen children, with seven currently in remission and “the other five ramping up and on their way” Roar is not just a healthy, energetic six year old cancer survivor; she is the inspiration behind an organization saving children’s lives. Each child is monitored through frequent communication with the families, when notified that a child is running low on oil, they will coordinate with their oil supplier, and acquire enough to last them approximately ten or more days, so far Roar Away Cancer has never had a child miss a dose once starting on Deep Green. Deep Green is the Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO) that is curing these kids, hands down.” Jody explains. And while it is the primary cannabis treatment for Roar Away Cancer’s kids, they also choose to use cannabis in other ways, such as salves, and lotions to treat irritation from needles, tubes, or other hospital procedures. To increase appetite some families choose to incorporate cannabis infused foods into their child’s treatment, while some choose to use tinctures instead. Eric and Jody will work with each child and their family to create a personal treatment plan that will benefit the child individually depending on his or her condition. They also provide dosing information for cannabis oil to the parents as well as in their FAQ on When treating a new child they will pay close attention to each family and help them slowly build up to the proper dose that will work for their child and what they can tolerate, as it is such a high concentrated cannabis oil it can take a little time to develop a tolerance, especially with Roar Away Cancer’s youngest patient being thirteen months, and their oldest being fifteen. Don’t be fooled though, these kids need the cannabis oil even at their young age, with most being treated for different forms of cancer, like Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) a spider web like cancer of the brain, or Neuroblastoma, which is a cancer that occurs in immature nerve cells, and many sharing the same form of blood cancer Roar had, these are “some sick babies” as Jody put it, "without Cannabis".

This next year they will be working on updating their site to provide enough useful information for anyone searching for it, regardless of if they speak to them directly or not, they will also continue to focus on healing the current Roar Away Cancer crew, along with spreading the word about how cannabis heals. In the future they’d like to focus on being able to provide opportunities for families, and individuals to learn to grow and use their medicine and food in more beneficial ways. Roar Away Cancer is available to provide education and resources to families with questions about how to treat a loved one's illness using cannabis. Please visit You can find answers to most questions on the FAQ page, or inquire with additional questions through their email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . ~