A Message From A Heartbroken Texas Mother....

I have been asked to share our story. I have probably tried ten times to put words to the journey we have been on, and I have been amazed at how difficult it has been to do. This past year has been intense, to say the least. I will do my best to share with you what we have faced, in hopes that I can help or educate others through our experience.

Jillian Faith was born 9 years ago on a sunny June morning. She was and is absolutely beautiful. Things seemed perfect, until a few days after her birth, she began having seizures. They started as small jerks and twitches, and within a few weeks she was having full blown grand mal seizures. The months and years that followed were full of doctors appointments, blood draws, various anticonvulsant medications, and the diagnoses of spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, developmental delays, and of course, seizures. As an infant she was having 40-50 seizures per day. None of the medications brought seizure control, and she was basically a zombie, for lack of a better word, from the side effects of the pharmaceuticals.

Watching your child suffer, is by far the most painful thing we have ever endured. I spent many hours researching, looking for something to help our sweet girl. A little over a year ago, a dear friend emailed me an article about a little girl in Colorado who's mother had researched and found that cannabis had been proven to help with seizures. The little girl responded immediately when her parents began giving her cannabis oil, and the number of seizures she suffered dropped dramatically. My curiosity was peaked after reading the article, and even more so after watching the CNN documentary that followed.

We began working on a plan to get to Colorado where we could legally access cannabis for Jillian. We sold everything we didn't need, had fundraisers, and worked hard to make the move. In the Spring, we decided that I would go ahead and go to Colorado with Jillian, her older sister, her younger brother, and her Granny who would be there to help with the kids. We spent 2 months this summer living in our camper while we waited for my husband's company to have a position open for him in Colorado. Being split up was extremely difficult for all of us. While we there, we were able to try a strain of cannabis for a few weeks, and we saw some wonderful changes beginning in Jillian. We were so excited at the potential we saw in cannabis for her, and we were very hopeful for even more improvements.

Unfortunately, a job position was not ever available for my husband, and after two months, our money began to run low, and the strain of being apart began to affect everyone deeply. We had to make the VERY hard decision to come back to Texas. Of course, we were not able to bring any of Jillian's cannabis oils back with us, and the progress we were seeing has now stopped.

We are so heartbroken that our home state of Texas refuses to see the many benefits of cannabis, and that our family had to face such a hard choice. No family should have to be separated just to help their child. I know many families who face it every single day. We are thankful to be back together, but every time Jillian suffers a seizure, my heart breaks a little more, knowing that the potentially life-saving medicine she needs is just a few hundred miles away, and that our geographical location is keeping us from being able to help her. Please, Texas...educate yourselves and help the children, and others in this state who would benefit from this god-given plant. ~