Cash Hyde


There is no greater loss of freedom than through that of illness and disease; debilitating conditions that not only imprison the body from physical abilities, but can also imprison the mind and spirit as well. The ability to find joy in the freedoms that most people often take for granted, is only recognized by those who know what it is to lose that freedom, especially in coping with a debilitating condition.  It’s in our losses where we find our biggest strengths of hope and courage. Be it Cancer, AIDS, MS, or the many other debilitating conditions out there, it can be devastating in watching any form of illness consume your loved one, but can also be empowering in watching yourself do something for that patient that you can see is actually benefitting them in a way that nothing else can. Let’s take the inspirational story of Missoula, Montana’s youngest medical cannabis card holder, Cash Hyde, a 2 ½ year old boy who battled a brain tumor and won.

Cash Michael Hyde was born on June 21, 2008. At 20 months, doctors discovered a 4.5 cm Stage 4 brain tumor. Surgeons were only able to remove 10% of the tumor for biopsy as it had grown around his optic nerves, resulting in the loss of his eyesight from the pressure of the tumor. For months, Cash’s parents painstakingly watched their son’s battle as drugs prescribed by his doctors made him hallucinate and stop his heart, as well as watching their son not being able to eat for well over 40 days. It was here, when the alternative answer of medical cannabis came into the picture. Ingested in the form of an edible, medical cannabis helped in rebuilding his organs that were damaged from the chemo, helped in rebuilding his appetite, and also helped him sleep. Each day, Cash would fight with a smile, officially earning the title of THE BOY OF STEEL!

While 51 kids are using medical cannabis in the state of Montana, a misperception has arisen suggesting that these kids (with serious medical conditions) are purchasing medical cannabis and giving it to their friends. “It’s simply not true,” stated Dr. Tanya Lang of the Montana Medical Growers Association. The Medical Marijuana Act of Montana states, in order for children to become card holders, they are to follow specific guidelines, which entails a written statement (signed by parent/legal guardian) that the minor’s physician has explained the potential risks & benefits of the medical use of cannabis by the minor, as well as the caregiver being in compliance to control the dosage and frequency of the medical cannabis.

While stories like this one can be heartbreaking, they can also be inspirational in revealing the reality of illness and the personal trial one can go through. What more proof does one need when a child has been given a chance (through the use of medical cannabis) in overcoming a dreaded disease, a disease like all debilitating conditions that threaten the very existence of freedom itself. ~