Cheech & Chong Live


Well I have quite the story for you, but what else can be said about these two influential icons, but Wow man! It’s freakin’ CHEECH & CHONG! I myself had seen TOMMY CHONG doing stand-up a few years back at the CAPITOL CITY COMEDY CLUB, but never had I seen the two comedic-icons of CHEECH & CHONG back together and up on stage until Friday May 31st 2013!

I knew I was at the RIGHT PLACE when we strolled up to the theater and saw the UP IN SMOKE 1964 Chevrolet Impala parked outside right along the curb of the Moody Theater; it was right out of the movie man! If you’re a fan of the CHEECH & CHONG classic UP IN SMOKE, you’re a fan of not just its CHARACTERS, but of its CAR, and who wouldn’t be, that car is smooth! After taking a few pictures, we finally made our way into the theater, deciding to grab ourselves a drink or two! I even drank a little bit, a full half a cup and let me tell you, that was more than enough to get me PRIMED and READY for the show, not to mention the couple of bowls smoked prior in the parking garage. I typically don’t drink as I am a LIGHT-WEIGHT, so in my perception, I was PARTYING; it was a special occasion and for all who attended the show, it was undoubtedly on like CHEECH & CHONG!

We eventually took our seats and the show eventually started; it wasn’t a long wait; we were just excited and anxious for the show to begin. Before any music started, the voice of TOMMY CHONG introduced us to his wife SHELBY CHONG who came out onto the stage doing her own bit of stand-up! We applauded with excitement as she introduced out onto the stage the legendary duo that is CHEECH & CHONG; she also conducted a little Q&A by asking them questions for the people! They mentioned highlights from both of their solo-careers, from CHEECH and his roles in Disney films, BORN IN EAST L.A. to the movies of Director ROBERT RODRIGUEZ, DUSK TILL DAWN and many others, to CHONG and his experience on THAT 70’S SHOW, stating that when he arrived on set, how none of the cast members got HIGH! And of course, we all KNOW the story of TOMMY going to jail and doing-time!

The show was really cool as throughout the evening, they intertwined the comedy-skits of CHEECH & CHONG between the two great performances of TOWER OF POWER and WAR (who had all toured together in years past)! Personally speaking, I wasn’t all too familiar with the music of TOWER OF POWER, but I really enjoyed their set. WAR was awesome performing such classics as “Spill The Wine”, “Slipping Into Darkness”, “Don’t Let No One Get You Down”, and “The Cisco Kid” which featured a special guest appearance by local Austin Tejano icon Little Joe! They capped-off their set with the classic “Low-rider” consisting of the horn-sections of both TOWER OF POWER and WAR together!

Mixed in between the sets of these two great bands, we saw funny renditions of CHEECH & CHONG classics such as “Dave”, “Cruisin’ with Pedro de Pacas”, “Hairy Palm”, the story of “Santa Claus” to “Blind Mellon Chillin’”; they were at their classic best! CHEECH & CHONG also performed the song favorites of “Mexican-Americans”, “Beaner”, and eventually closing the entire night with the CHEECH TU-TU induced “Earache My Eye”!

After the show, we were fortunate in that we had GUESTS PASSES and so we got to go BACKSTAGE and say hi! We were among quite a number of fans who were lined-up for the MEET & GREET that night! For those who are wondering out of satisfying your own curiosity, NO, we did not get to hang or smoke-up with either CHEECH or CHONG; if we had been given that golden opportunity, I can assure you now that we would have; we were prepared either way that was for sure! It was an honor in getting to meet CHEECH and Tommy’s son PARIS for the first-time; I had met TOMMY and SHELBY years before at the CAPITOL CITY COMEDY CLUB, but to meet them altogether at once was indeed the icing on the cake, the cherry on top!

On a more personal note, thanks to an idea brought on by my friend Josh, I was proud to see THE AUSTIN420 getting picked-up by the many attendees of the show, and why not, when THE AUSTIN420 was the only publication on site! There was nothing COOLER and AMAZING than seeing THE AUSTIN420 TOMMY CHONG EDITION sitting on the official merchandise table of an official CHEECH & CHONG show! It was amazing in seeing the number of issues that had circulated throughout the course of that evening, as well as the number of issues that had been signed by TOMMY himself backstage, including signing a couple of issues for me and my own personal archives!

The everlasting aura of CHEECH & CHONG hasn’t changed, but the acceptance of cannabis in mainstream society has! While this comedic-duo will continue to represent all that is stereotypical and fun of smoking the weed, this indeed was a night of magic for us all who shared in this experience; an experience that some had waited an entire lifetime to see! ~