The Devil's Weed?

One Christian Minister's Viewpoint on Cannabis

I was once asked by a Christian man I respect very much, "As a Christian, how can you advocate for the legalization of marijuana when it is so clearly an evil drug?"

To which I replied, "How can you, as a follower of Christ, not advocate for its legalization? This perfectly and wondrously made God-given plant - a gift from Our Father - and you call it evil?" Little did he know I had been dying for him to ask me that question. It was going to be a long lunch!

The opportunity for a Christian to discuss the benefits of cannabis doesn't come up very often in church conversation, as I am sure you can imagine. So I jumped on it.

As I explained that cannabis contains cannabinoids, the same ones our bodies produce, and that these little miracles hold the answer to the treatment and possible cure for so many human inflicted diseases, for so many self-imposed maladies - that this plant that God made is what we need to fight off many of the syndromes and diseases that humans made - I saw his eyes glazing over. I could almost hear his thoughts, 'this can't be true, we'd have heard about it'.

As I explained that the Cancer industry is a multi-billion dollar a year business, that drug companies are some of the staunchest opponents of the legalization of marijuana for a reason, that it would not benefit the medical industry in the least to have such a readily available, inexpensive solution to such an epidemically proportioned problem - I saw his eyes go wide. They went wider still when I related the history of marijuana prohibition to him. How it was made illegal in 1942 because those 'horrible Negro Jazz musicians' obviously used it just to seduce all us 'good white women'. I knew was getting through - this man happens to have a black father and a white mother. Thank you, Jesus. Time to up the ante. I pulled out the Bible.

Now, my friend is a Biblical scholar. He is my mentor in all things Biblical. He knows every verse of the Bible by memory, I am fairly certain. He also has an annoying habit of having just exactly the right scripture readily available for literally any scenario. Seriously - any situation - he doesn't even need an app for that. So if I am going to use Scripture, I had better be certain. Fortunately, I do have an app for that.

I asked him what the word 'Christ' translates to in Hebrew. 'Anointed One', he says. "Right!" (I ignored his condescending grin) "and what was Christ anointed with?" "A special oil...but..." So I pointed him to Exodus 30:22-23 - naturally he knew that was where it gave the instructions for making anointing oil. "I see where you are going with this, but it does not say marijuana was used!"

So I asked him to tell me what was in it - Myrrh, Cinnamon, and the most prominent ingredient about six pounds of sweet cane, or Kaneh-bosem in Hebrew, all extracted into about six quarts of olive oil. And what is sweet cane? He said it was likely aromatic weeds that grew in the region - and then he grinned. I showed him where kaneh-bosem has been identified by respected etymologists, linguists, anthropologists, botanists and other researchers as cannabis. And he laughed right out loud. But I could tell he wasn't convinced quite yet. So I pulled out the big guns. I shamelessly played the parent card.

My friend has three of the loveliest daughters I have ever seen - so this was probably hitting below the belt - but I had an important point to make! His youngest, I will call her 'Emma', has Down-Syndrome and has her Daddy wrapped around her little finger.

I said to him that I knew, that if there was anything in this world he could do to help Emma, he would do it. Any medicine, any therapy, anything. He agreed, of course. Then I showed him pictures of the medical refugee children whose families have had to flee their home states and move to Colorado to get the medicine they need to survive. We debated 'conventional' treatments and I showed him the pictures of Alexis, and Greta, and countless others when they were on those 'conventional' drugs versus cannabis. The difference was undeniable.

I asked him, if Emma had cancer or seizure disorder, and there were two choices for her treatment - one all natural, very low non-threatening side effects, and very high success rate; the other a man-made chemical compound, with severe adverse side effects, and a medium to low success rate - which one would you choose for her? The God-made one, made illegal by man - or the manmade one? Are we saying then, that we are better than God!? That He didn't get it right so we need to improve on His handiwork?

And if you believe in an all powerful, all caring God of Love - how can you do anything less than advocate for the perfect medicine He provides for us? If we believe He loves us even more than we love our own children, why would we doubt His gift?

What if you were the sick one? What do you think Jesus would do?

Read James 5:16 - He tells you exactly what He would do. ~